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Heat Players

I decided to create this page, after so many other players on Heat.net have accused me of being a cheater. I do not cheat, I just happen to have come up with a few different strategies on how to play this game, and they are effective. These seem to work very well for me, but your mileage may vary.   Hopefully these tips will prove useful to you as well.  As soon as you feel you have mastered the basics, be sure to check out the Advanced page.

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First of all, these are the parts of my system that I feel help out the most (I will explain the controls more fully in each units respective section):

 Microsoft Precision Pro joystick

 3dfx Voodoo3 3000 AGP

 Sound Blaster Live! Value sound card

 Cox@Home cable modem

Here are the reasons why:

  • The joystick provides very precise controls.

  • The 3DFX card shows much more detail, making it easier to do things like spot the ground troops, while flying the chopper.

  • Believe it or not, the sound card actually helps you hear which direction bullets are coming from.  This helps in hectic situations where you are surrounded, and need to know which direction to aim!

  • The cable modem provides for a lag-free connection to heat.net's servers.

For the rest of my system spec's, please look here!

OK,  for those of you that don't already have the Wargasm Control Patch, I recommend that you download it now. After you install the patch, you will be able to configure most of your controls through the game's options menu, as I have done.   Each of the unit's controls are detailed in their respective sections.

Most of my controls are configured using the patch, but I also have some controls allocated by the Microsoft SideWinder Game Controller Software V3.02.  Once you get the 3.02 software installed, you will be able to configure any of your joystick's buttons to do whatever you want it to.  The only thing that I use that isn't specified in either of these locations, is the operation of my joystick's hat.  I use this to switch between the different views.  These are the only things that I have activated in my wargasm.swa profile:

Shift + Button A


Shift + Button C


Shift + Button D



There are a couple of things that I do have to point out:

  • Hellfires have to be the most powerful weapon in the game.  Other weapons have their uses, and I will sometimes even pick one over a hellfire in certain situations.  Generally, you want to be holding onto some if you can get them.


This is one of the cheesiest things that a person can do to get a kill.   Some people say that it is war, and anything goes...  but if you have to resort to this to kill me, you should go somewhere else to practice.  Most of the time, this practice is going to get you killed anyways.  I have a tendency to kill people before they even get out of the map screen since this does annoy me.  I will also be caused to hunt you down, and kill off all of your units.  Gee, it almost sounds like this might be something I don't like...  hehehe.

  • Always keep track of your map.  This is the only way you have of finding out where the troops are located.  Also, after somebody loses a unit, watch the map closely to make sure that they don't spawn right behind you!  If they do, and you are watching them closely enough, you can still get the jump on them while they are switching from the map view.