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twisted_ankle_football.jpg (42924 bytes) priceless_boner.jpg (85102 bytes) smile.jpg (49950 bytes)
I don't think it is supposed to twist this way... Priceless, indeed! Say 'cheese'!
barbie_trans.jpg (24435 bytes) college_weed.jpg (49296 bytes) early_addiction.jpg (24547 bytes)
Transgender Barbie Hmn, which way to go? I wonder what Mommy was doing when she was pregnant with this one?
barbie_exotic.jpg (19029 bytes) barbie_gangsta.jpg (28584 bytes) barbie_got_back.jpg (23492 bytes)
Exotic Dancer Barbie Gangsta Bitch Barbie Barbie Got Back
barbie_gothic.jpg (23701 bytes) barbie_lactating.jpg (21475 bytes) barbie_sorority_slut.jpg (28524 bytes)
Gothic Barbie Lactating Barbie Sorority Slut Barbie
aim_high.jpg (34966 bytes) wrestler_prep.jpg (31849 bytes) airplane_wash.jpg (263498 bytes)
He has better aim than I do! Uhh, this never happened on MY wrestling team. Here's one way to wash an airplane!
bull_fight.jpg (21793 bytes) soccer_kick_01.jpg (52204 bytes) soccer_kick_02.jpg (39808 bytes)
No Comment. Now I remember why I never played soccer! Another reason not to play soccer...
millet_fishtrip.jpg (18959 bytes) 19th_hole.jpg (57280 bytes) urine.jpg (66196 bytes)

A guy that I work with drank a little too much at last year's fishing trip, and ended up kissing a fish.

The 19th Hole.

I can't imagine having luck this bad!

future_military_funding.jpg (76890 bytes) irish_babies.jpg (20352 bytes) mated.jpg (79279 bytes)

The future of military funding.

Aren't you glad you didn't hire that Irish babysitter now?

Here are the products of mating each of these celebrities.  Scary, ain't it?

BIKE.jpg (41315 bytes) cubicle.jpg (83505 bytes) dalmation_cats.jpg (52127 bytes)

Dirty advertisers...

April Fools!!!

Dalmatian cats?  Someone has too much time on their hands....

hand.jpg (30278 bytes) Elian_wazzup.gif (18785 bytes)

Knee.gif (90073 bytes)

Quote from Albert Einstein.

Wazzup, Elian?

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

foot+up+bunny.jpg (42423 bytes) float.jpg (44167 bytes) tackle.jpg (19797 bytes)

Happy Easter!

What do you mean?
Foreigners don't respect us?
Taken at a parade in Europe.

Another soccer injury.

Doritos_girl.jpg (54304 bytes) F15_falling_apart.jpg (20216 bytes)

Click on this thumbnail for the full effect!

Now you see the value of a HEALTHY diet!

Makes me glad that I am not a pilot!


Eglin Air Force Base, Florida

LE_accident_01.jpg (136716 bytes) LE_accident_02.jpg (150692 bytes)
Incidents like this make me proud to be a member of the US Air Force.
LE_accident_03.jpg (123297 bytes) LE_accident_04.jpg (139130 bytes)
Air Force troops are protecting the country, but who is protecting them?
LE_accident_05.jpg (127026 bytes)
The flightline has a Speed Limit of 15 MPH.  I wonder how fast this guy was going?